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Crazy Fly Allround

Crazy Fly Allround

Размер: 135 x 40 138 x 40 138 x 43 145 x 41 145 x 48
Цена: 18600

Our Allround is one of the most popular Allround boards, especially known for its high quality and reasonable price. Allround suits the beginners as well as advanced riders, and rides smoothly even in lighter winds, due to its amazing upwind abilities. This year, Crazyfly designers created a brand new concept and exchanged the herex core of the board for a top quality CNC shaped full wood core. Wood is a great raw material with natural behavioral properties; therefore, no plastic materials can replace wood. As usually CrazyFly’s Allround 2009 exhibits exceptional quality as all the other boards from the higher lines. To tune up the performance of this board, designers also improved the progressive flex tips and included new bevelled ABS rails. New outline on the tips eases the take off and landings of jumps. Setting up the stance has never been easier than it is now with the stance angle adjustable pads. Allround comes with super lightweight EVA pads, molded fins, handle, and asymmetric adjustable straps.

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